Wake Up and Live for Real

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More and more of us are WAKING UP to our deeper, more essential, nature. It’s astounding! It's both more ordinary and more extraordinary than we could have imagined. And, it’s NOT very far away.


Anxiety and inner conflict fade as we unplug from absorption in the endless yammering of our minds. Our hearts break open into compassion and call us toward kindness, justice and purpose. Still... we’ve got rent to pay, barbells to lift, kids to raise, traumas to heal, lovers to love, and a world in crisis crying out for our help!


At The Being & Doing Summit you will be guided to recognition of your true nature and given the tools and insights to bring your awakening into your work, your relationships and the wider world.

These 5-10 minute guided 'glimpse' videos directly point you to the 'ground of being'. They have guided thousands of people to glimpse the awakened state and learn to clarify its ever-present nature.

25 Inspiring Presentations over 5 Days 

A Rare Gathering with the Potential to Profoundly Affect Your Life 


  • See how resting in the deep ground of awareness can free you from the tangle of your mind. 
  • Learn the orientation and practices to recognize and stabilize natural, effortless, awareness.
  • Beyond individual awakening lies our capacity to awaken to the space between us - into the shared space of relationality. 


  • You're in the NOW. Now what? Explore ways to expand your experience of being present in the moment to become more intimate with yourself and with reality.
  • Learn about Diamond Approach inquiry. Uncover your own 'shadow' to discover how the exposure of unexamined beliefs and emotions can free enormous energy.
  • Discover new connections: music to access profound meditation, psychotropic plants to heal, and artistic expression to cultivate selflessness flow.


  • Radical compassion is the portal to a life which flows with spontaneous kindness and grace.
  • Feel how turning toward your own pain and the pain of others can liberate your heart's innate intelligence.
  • Receive practical guidance for bringing ancient wisdom into modern relationships.


  • While we are clarifying our awakening, we still have bodies to heal, children to nurture, lovers to love and work to complete.
  • See how every facet of life can support your expanding realization and most meaningful expression.
  • Often, our most challenging experiences around money, sex, and relationships catalyze our greatest growth. Learn to navigate the the maze of life with wisdom and grace.


  • Our world is facing a time of unparalleled existential crisis. How do you fit in? What role might you play?
  • Learn how meditation and spiritual practice can keep you sane and energized and can help keep you from burning out in your activism.
  • Liberation can be viewed as a personal spiritual process.  But embracing our fundamental interconnection with all of life reveals the work that needs to be done. Love will have its way.

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We can WAKE UP.  Our lives can be expressions of depth, love, and our unique, personal gifts. 25 leading teachers offer guidance, inspiration, and practical wisdom.

I cannot believe that at 48 years old...

I can and have changed my outlook on life in such a simple way. The key to happiness has been my own mind and I did not even know it. It’s wonderful. - after practice with Diana Winston

I thought I was supposed to be quiet and all serious...

but every single time I practice its like 1…2…3… I’m free! ...No need to wait or head to India. - after session with Loch Kelly

 Glimpses of Awakening video collection

Immediately Download A Free Video Series which guides you into the awakened State

  • The awakened ground is a source of open-hearted flow beyond your conditioned mind and your ordinary sense of self.
  • These 5-10 minute guided experiences directly point you to this 'ground of being'. These are NOT regular guided meditations. Diana Winston, Loch Kelly, Jeff Carreira, Caverly Morgan, Tim Freke and Peter Cutler have guided thousands of students to glimpse this awakened state and learn to clarify its ever-present nature.


 25 Speakers offering Inspiration & Practical Guidance

  • DAY 1 WakinG Up
  • DAY 2PAThways to Depth


Loch Kelly

Bestselling author of Shift into Freedom and The Way of Effortless Mindfulness.

Effortless Mindfulness

Sit back as Loch Kelly eases you into the awakened state through a series of simple practices. The main takeaway? You don’t have to muscle your way into awareness. A perfect way to begin your summit.

October 14, Monday @ 12:00 PM EDT | 9:00 AM PDT

Patricia Albere

Bestselling author of Evolutionary Relationshipsand founder of The Evolutionary Collective.

From ME to WE

Beyond “solo awakening” lies a new possibility for human evolution — our collective awakening. In this session, Patricia Albere explores the emerging consciousness which arises between us, the deep love at its source, and specific practices to open you to this experience, activating the transformative shift from “me” to “we.” 

October 14, Monday @ 1:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT

Diana Winston

Director of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center and author of The Little Book of Being.

Natural Awareness

In this session, Diana Winston takes you on a brief tour through the various kinds of meditative awareness and the unique benefits of each. She then guides you to experience the natural, unconditioned, ground of being that is always right here.

October 14, Monday @ 2:00 PM EDT | 11:00 AM PDT

Jeff Carreira

Author, mystical philosopher, spiritual mentor and artist..

What we Think we Know

Jeff Carreira gently disorients everyday thinking, allowing you to see the limiting paradigms you unknowingly accept as reality. He then guides you to the layer of your awareness which is already free. It's a subtle way of shifting into the awakened state that you can easily use on your own.

October 14, Monday @ 3:00 PM EDT | 12:00 PM PDT

Tim Freke

Author of 35 books, worldwide retreat leader and inspirational philosopher.

Unividualism: A Deeper Way of Living

Gather round as Tim Freke brings us “Unividualism,”a sweeping story of evolution and human possibility. Within this expansive view of oneness, Tim leads you through a guided process of awakening together — as Unividuals.

October 14, Monday @ 4:00 PM EDT | 1:00 PM PDT

Get Updates to the Being & Doing Community PLUS the FREE Glimpses of Awakening Video Collection

We can WAKE UP.  Our lives can be expressions of depth, love, and our unique, personal gifts. 25 leading teachers offer guidance, inspiration, and practical wisdom.

Hi, I’m Jeff Charno. More or less ;)

A very long time ago I came to see that even if all 7+ billion people on earth acted like life here is just ‘business as usual’... it’s not. It's a non-stop extravaganza of mystery beyond words and I just never get over it.

Through the decades, I've been very fortunate to have wise guidance and support from many great teachers (several are in this summit) who have helped me open and clarify my experience.

I could just shut up and smile, but I find myself moved to create, to share, and to build worthwhile things. In that spirit, I hope this summit brings you illuminating experiences and new avenues of exploration which enrich your life for a long time to come.

The summit teachers have guided thousands of students and they know what works. You'll also meet some amazing people in the community. 


Jeff, Summit Host

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