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25 Speakers Offer Guidance for Your Awakening

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Free Introductory  "Dis-Orientation" Session

Led by Summit Host Jeff Charno

Living from Your Depths. For Real.

Leaning into Awakening

The Leaning into Awakening Course is a highly interactive, deep,  adventurous, six-session online course. We explore awakening, connecting with your depth, creating extraordinary relationships to support your unfolding, and more.

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The "Dis-Orientation" session is an introduction to all of these principles in an experiential and lively hour long session.

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Terry Patten

Philosopher, author, activist, social entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and the author.

What’s Really Happening in Our Crazy World and How We Can Be the Change We Want to See

Terry Patten offers a passionate and probing examination of our world crisis through the radical possibility of spiritual transformation. His guided session opens (r)evolutionary potentials within you, empowering you to “Be the Change.”

October 18, Friday @ 12:00 PM EDT | 9:00 AM PDT

Caverly Morgan

Founder and guiding meditation teacher of the Presence Collective and the Peace in Schools organizations.

Beyond Personal Liberation

In this extended discussion, Caverly Morgan discusses how the process of personal awakening is naturally extended into cultural awakening, energized by the intelligence and movement of love. There is ultimately no difference between personal liberation and liberation of the world we live in.

October 18, Friday @ 1:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT

Larry Ward

Founder of the Lotus Institute. He’s also worked with Thich Nhat Hanh on peace-making missions and led retreats through the US.

Calming Your Mind is not Enough

The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. profoundly impacted Dr. Larry Ward, inspiring a life of social justice and development work in 20 countries. In this session, he contemplates the nature of spiritual practice and how it can shape and nurture your impulses toward activism and service.

October 18, Friday @ 2:00 PM EDT | 11:00 AM PDT

Colin Beavan

Zen teacher, consultant and coach. Bestselling author of No Impact Manand How Shall We Live. 

How Shall We Live?

Is it possible to remain grounded in our simple human experience while being moved to enact change? Join Colin Beavan as he discusses Zen practice and how you can accept the world “warts and all” yet be alive to the mystery of existence. 

October 18, Friday @ 3:00 PM EDT | 12:00 PM PDT

DaRa Williams

Trainer, psychotherapist, and meditation teacher.

The Intersection of Spirituality and Social Activism

DaRa Williams explores how awareness and wisdom can transform suffering, particularly the trauma of oppression, on both a personal and cultural level. The chains around our hearts and minds can be broken and dissolved, liberating one and all. 

October 18, Friday @ 4:00 PM EDT | 1:00 PM PDT

Jeff Carriera

Founder of ConsciousLife spiritual TV platform.

LIVE WEBINAR: From Stress Reduction to Spiritual Awakening

Once you learn how to use meditation to access the inner space of contentment we have the chance to live a completely different kind of life. When we have liberated ourselves from fear, worry and self-concern we have discover a source of inner contentment that calls us to new and miraculous possibilities. In this seminar you will not only learn the secret to inner contentment, you will also discover the bliss of living a spiritual awakened life.

October 17, Thursday @ 8:00 PM EDT | 5:00 PM PDT

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